What's NBA2K21 this season?

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I play mycareer because 2k16 but I was always a casual, never played online and 2K MT always bought it with reduction or a promotion. I'm from Brazil also if that is important. And I was hopeful that this year I would be scaling up my match playing online, creating builds and spending way more time with it. I also know that normally 2k haven't been very responsible in attending to the communities complains. So my title questions remains, can it be a fantastic year to buy it like now? Or await a sale reduction? It's not bad I think they destroyed shooting this season tho and I would not buy the mamba forever edition their service team is dreadful.

Can you buy the current mamba version? I am on PS4 that I purchased the one with the youthful Kobe dunking Just want to ask can we play mycareer using the outdated sport such as 2k18/2k19? The Computer version will always be disrespected, the game is meant for consoles and the majority of the participant base is on console. In terms of microtransactions, those have ruled the game for the last 5 years, but imo this season was not that bad. It's possible to find a build to 92 w/ max or near maximum badges throughout around 4-5 days of casual grinding. (Obv. Quicker if you play more) without spending anything on vc.

It stinks but what can you expect. The game is filled with hackers and individuals abusing the match, I used to be a computer 2k participant but I said enough is enough and obtained a PS4, best choice of my life. Sports game just are not meant for PC. Only thing good about it's mods and single participant but that is it. What is funny is that they might become"intended for PC" by linking a controller with a dongle and receiving a proper interface. Hey guy as crap as

You get drafted it is all gravy. Glad I do not need to see my player behave like a clown in every interview regardless of what what.

That's the point lol, he's become such a marketable player. Why is it that you believe he's on a cover of a game which symbolizes the league so fast... even though the pick after him was clearly better this season? It's all business my man, even the trailer. These men will do anything and everything that makes them more money, and I get it tbh. Just remember it is people making these games. . .go play with deus ex the first,devs alswys have used games to hide conspiracy or opinions related items, fine find. You can walk round in nba2k? Is it such as GTA now? Since when? They added a small"open universe" concept into the game, and it is only if you literally pick that mode. They have something called"the area" I believe at which you choose your created character into Cheap NBA 2K Coins a miniature open world multiplayer area and can purchase clothes or shoes or play games against other people's characters.